The Blogs, They Are A-Changin’

This is kind of what the Admin panel looked like.

Well, this one is at any rate. It’s been so long since I updated this thing that I had to bring out the weed whacker and the duster just to find the Admin control panel. My apologies for not posting regularly. I fully intended to…and then college started and I got wrapped up in papers, Quiz Bowl, homework, debate, and all that sort of thing. But I’m back now, and I hope to resume posting at least once a week. I’m clearing some things up in how the blog runs and will be posting really awesome and stunning pieces of writing (well…not really. But I hope it will be at least readable). We’ll see how that goes. Hopefully it’ll be better than it was the last time. Stay tuned for more!


About Selayna

I'm an aspiring writer, as well as crazy and rather sarcastic. I'm currently teaching English at a school in Poland, so check out my travel blog for humorous (and occasionally insightful) commentary on my adventures!
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